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How to get the Android clock

I've written two versions of the Close Enough clock for Android and published both in the Google Play store. The "Lite" version, with basic functionality, is free with no ads or in-app purchases. The "Pro" version, paid, has lots of colors, sizes, and more. Both are "Living wallpaper" apps which sit on your homescreen to show CE time whenever you use your Android phone or tablet.
What is a "Living wallpaper?"
"Wallpaper" is the graphic or photograph you install as background on your homescreen. A "Living wallpaper" moves (think bubbles) and runs a program in the background on your phone. My very small CE program runs a few milliseconds once every 5 minutes. Standard Andorid devices only support one Living wallpaper at a time.
Will your clock also show on my lock screen?
Depends on your device. On most, when you change the homescreen, the lock screen also changes. But for some devices this only works for static (not living) wallpapers. Explore your "Settings" or consider installing another "Launcher." However, if your vendor has locked the lock screen, there's not much you can do. My clock is most useful when it lives on the lock screen, but my apps only address the homescreen.
Where can I get your apps?
First you'll need an Android phone or tablet registered to a Google email account. (Most devices acquire this when they are set up.) Go to the Google Play store on your device. For more details about installing, see my Andorid app Help here.

On the previous page I'm holding the "Pro" version. Try the "Lite" version first to be sure my code runs on your device. If you want to keep CE Lite after installing CE Pro, it's OK (my programs are small and independent of eachother), but they would have to take turns on your homescreen.

Where is the IPhone version?
There isn't one. As far as I know iOS doesn't allow an application programmer (me) to update the time, or anything else, on its homescreen. I'm looking at the Apple Watch but want to gauge interest in my Android product before investing the money and time to learn the iOS 8.2 SDK.