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Details for installing and using the CE clock on Android
(or if there are problems)

Installing the Android application (if you haven't done this before)
On your Android device go to the Google Play store.
  1. Search for "Close Enough Clock" (with quotes).
  2. Pick "Lite" or "Pro".
  3. Click "Install" or "Buy". Follow Google's instructions.
The app will show up in your Application drawer, but don't run it from there yet.
Adding Living Wallpaper to your homescreen (if you haven't done this before)
  1. Long press on your homescreen,
    1. Select "Wallpapers" > "Gallery" or "Photos".
    2. Pick the non-living wallpaper which will be behind the clock later. If it's a photo, pick its best portion.
    3. Tap "Save" or "Set wallpaper".
    You should see the static scene you picked displayed behind the icons on your homescreen.

  2. Long press on the home screen again.
    1. Select "Wallpapers" again > "Live wallpapers" > "Close Enough Clock."

      The "Loading live wallpaper..." screen appears with a "Set wallpaper" button and a reminder to set preferences later by opening the CE application. The orange circle around the clock means it's draggable. (A few devices stay black on the "Loading live wallpaper..." screen. Try touching the status bar at the top. If still nothing, keep going anyway, no harm. The clock will work fine.)

    2. Tap "Set wallpaper".
    You should be at the homescreen with the clock positioned where it was in the step just above.
How do I change the position of the clock on my homepage?
An orange circle around the clock means it's draggable. Get the orange circle by tapping the clock once. Position, then tap once to remove the circle. (For those devices which won't recognize the single tap, open the CE Clock application Menu. Select "Drag the clock" > "Preview" > "Save". Drag the clock to a new location, then go back to "Drag the clock" to turn off the circle.)

Watch out for interfereance from other touch actions on the Home screen. Make your moves short and quick--shorter than scrolling a whole page, quicker than calling up the 'Add to Home screen' dialog.

The preferences Menu looks funny on my tablet.
When you're setting preferences on TABLETS the menu will crudely take up the whole screen, but the choices work and the clock will look fine on your homepage.

If the clock acts up...

None of these actions will hurt anything and may solve a problem.
To restore a blank screen
Pull down the status bar at the top or select a visible button.
Homescreen problem
Menu or Demo screen problem
Drasitc Fix
  1. Add a static wallpaper to the Home screen (which closes the CE Live Wallpaper but keeps your preferences). Then add the CE Wallpaper again (as in "Adding Living Wallpaper to your homescreen" above).
  2. Last resort, uninstall my app from your device and reinstall it from the market.
    1. "Settings > Applications > Manage applications > 'CE Clock, Wallpaper and Menu' > Uninstall". Don't skip this step. Manually uninstalling resets things that just refreshing from the market won't.
    2. Same as "Installing the Android app" above. (There should be no charge for reinstalling a previously purchased app.)