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Testimonials from users I met on the Web.

"Your clock is excellent (and I'm very fussy about these things) ... I use it for timing presentations I'm giving. One glance and I know how I'm doing compared to my target." --

"I really do not want my life to get to the point that increments of an hour less than 5 minutes are critical to me. ... I can see what I need to without my bifocals which is wonderful. This is really a neat program .... You have invested a LARGE amount of BST (Blood, Sweat, and Tears) in this program. Your Demo feature sure was more than one afternoon's work. There is a lot of shareware (lemonware) out there with Help files of lesser value." --

"Your Windows clock is very, very cool. I like it tremendously ... it runs on my desktop all the time now. The design shows ... out-of-box-thinking, meaning it's a new idea, not just an imitation." --

"I totaly dig the idea."

"love it" --

"Great idea for a watch. Where can I buy one?" --

"Real cool clock." --

"If the Jetsons had a clock, this would be it....An extremely cool addition to your desktop." --

"I downloaded your clock a few weeks ago and I really like it" --

"At first we were fascinated and it was a conversation piece for a day or two ... it grew on me and my family (children ages 13, 16, 21) ... it became our main clock in the house...GREAT INVENTION!!! Where can we buy your watches?" --

"a great idea...I will certainly buy one." --

"interesting!!!!!!!!!!!!" --

"I really like it, and so does my family." --

"the clock is a reminder about how much time I'm wasting...Thanks for creating such a surprisingly useful and motivating tool." --

"I liked your clock the moment I saw it." --

"I find the clock very useful....Great program!" --

"I am very interested in your products and I'm planning a purchase of one of your brilliant wristwatches."

"i hope to see this item become a success, i love smart ideas, and this is one." -- TM@mindspring...

"I like your system, it's quick and easy." --

"a great, innovative idea." --

"Your clock is the best." --

"Brilliant idea - I only wish everybody would adopt "close enough time", the world would be a lot less stressed out and more laid back like us! ... The kids love it but the wife can't deal with it yet." --

Close Enough was selected as an exhibitor at the 26th Annual Inventor's Expo, Epcot Center, Orlando FL. March 1999.

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