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Closenuf.exe download page.

Here is a free Windows program that keeps Close Enough time. Just copy Closenuf.exe, (ver. HH1.1) down to your disk and use it on your desktop or laptop to tell time throughout the day. Create a variety of different styles with selections from the "Models", "Shapes", and "Colors" menus. After many years I'm still using this program on XP with no problems.

Detailed instructions.

  1. To download: Click on "Closenuf.exe" above. When the File dialog appears, specify any directory on your local hard file you like. I keep programs I install in directories separate from \Windows or other directories created and used by the operating system. (Closenuf.exe makes NO use of the Windows' Registry.)

  2. To start the program, do either of the following:
    1. Get a command line; cd to the directory from step 1; and type "closenuf".
    2. Find "closenuf.exe" in the Windows Explorer (not IE) and double-click it.

      If your browser is MS Internet Explorer ("IE"), it may create an icon on your desktop in step 1. from which you can start the clock.

  3. To customize the style: When you first start the program, it uses the Arial font, which is usually present on Windows' computers. You can select another font under "Shapes, Choose Font...". To add colors, try the "Colors" menu. After adding colors, try "Shapes, Center single digit numbers" to see the difference in appearance during the hours 1-9. (Use "Help, Demo..." to see the effect quickly.) To undo most style changes back to when you first started, choose "File, original Default style". If you click "File, Anchor to foreground", the clock will stay on top of other active windows.

    Once styles are set, hit the Esc key to remove the title and menu bars. You can still move and size the window. The Close Enough clock works very well even when as small as a postage stamp in one corner of your screen. Whenever you Exit Closenuf, it saves the current settings in a file called closenuf.sty for use the next time you start the program.

  4. To set the Close Enough clock to come up just as you left it each time you start your computer, do the following one time only:
    1. Click "Start, Settings, Taskbar...".
    2. Click "Start Menu Programs, Add..." and follow the dialog to create a shortcut to "closenuf.exe" in your "Startup" (not "Start Menu") folder.

New features in Ver. HH1.1

  1. Models, Date -- the date line is sizable. This change suggested by RH.

  2. Shapes, Center single digit numbers -- causes the number from hour 1 to hour 9 to be centered in the figure instead of off-set in the units position. I think this detracts from the 2-color style but looks great in a 3-color style. This change suggested by DB and others.

  3. Help, Looking ahead -- rewritten. This changed suggested by my experience at Epcot show.