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Finally, a Close Enough Clock to carry with you--if you have an Android phone or tablet. For details: Android app page or, on your registered device, directly to: My apps on Google.

Animated (.gif) picture of a Close Enough clock
Close Enough Clock Pro for Android devices running in Demo Mode

"If I told you this was a timepiece,
what time would you say it is?"

The Close Enough clock is an entirely new way of telling time. You don't have to decipher 2:12:34 or estimate the angle of hands that don't point to numbers. At a glance the Close Enough clock tells approximately where you are in the current (in this case 2nd) hour, more quickly and efficiently than any other timepiece in the world.

Why is it easier? Most of us most of the time only want to know the time to the nearest 5-minutes. Yet both analog and digital clocks require the human to do the rounding-off. My clock does the rounding for you.

My new CE clock for an Android phone or tablet is available here: My apps on Google

My CE clock for a Windows desktop or laptop is still available here: Desktop app page

If this way of telling time grows on you, I want to hear from you.

Hal Harrison

last updated February 2015
Online since August 1998